War Commander

War Commander

War Commander: Rogue Assault has a standout amongst the most unsuitable symbols ever. It highlights a boringly non specific fighter with flares out of sight, and the screenshots in the App Store don’t especially make it emerge much either.

When you realize that its Creative Director is Louis Castle, co-maker of Command and Conquer, then you begin to see the well known lines in those screenshots, and ponder – could this amusement really be a versatile RTS (Real-Time Strategy) that is as quite a bit of a distinct advantage as Command and Conquer?

We spent seven days playing the iOS amusement, and relentlessly ascended the positions to control our little armed force of tip top units, wreaking ruin in the area, and now, we can securely say that it’s an addictive diversion. Whether it’s a decent amusement or not is a more confounded question to reply.

War Commander: Rogue Assault is allowed to download (with in-application buys), and it’s just 123MB in the first place. When you begin the diversion, it checks for an Internet association – even the single player battle obliges you to be online – and begins to download a few resources. Now, the diversion possesses the still not unmanageable 263.5MB right at this point.

Notwithstanding the generally little size, Rogue Assault is an awesome looking diversion. You can zoom in and see the itemizing on individual tanks and structures, or zoom out until the mists skim past the screen, so you can see the whole front line in a solitary look. It moves fantastically easily, and zooming in and out didn’t influence the casing rate either. This is aided by the way that individual levels don’t have a considerable measure of components – the amusement just needs to render one base at once, and a little number of units.

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